Where Are They Now? #LINO16 Alumna Gabriela Barreto Lemos

As the 69th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting approaches, we get back in touch with four Lindau Alumni who attended the last physics meeting in 2016. We catch up on what has been happening in their careers and ask them about their experiences in Lindau. 

Lindau Alumna Gabriela Barreto Lemos
Lindau Alumna Gabriela Barreto Lemos during the 66th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. Photo/Credit: Christian Flemming/Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

In the first installment of the series, Brazilian physicist Gabriela Barreto Lemos talks to us about her career, her stint as Scientist in Residence at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, her work as a postdoc at the International Institute of Physics in Natal, Brazil, and her project Little Seeds of Science: 

Tell us about your current work. What do you enjoy most about it?
Working at the International Institute of Physics has been an immense pleasure. It is a place where one can do fascinating physics research in collaboration with brilliant people in a relaxed environment. In addition, working with Professor Laura Corredor-Bohórquez and our brilliant team of students and teachers in the project “Little Seeds of Science” has taught me so much and has given me strength to fight for inclusion and social justice.

Your experience as a scientist in residence at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago sounds fascinating. Tell us more! How did you find collaborating with the artists?
I taught quantum physics to art students and I collaborated with artists. I love it so much, I can’t stop! I have learned to see physics in a completely new light, which has brought back the excitement of when I first started studying physics as an undergrad. To combine art and science has been my dream since I was a teenager, and I’m grateful for all the amazing artists I’ve met and am having the opportunity to collaborate with.

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