Gérard Mourou with Lindau Alumna Tarnem Afify. Photo/Credit: Patrick Kunkel/Lindau Nobel Laureae Meetings

Gérard Mourou, 2018 Nobel Laureate in physics, wrote a personal review of his first Lindau Meeting - last year's 69th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting - for our Annual Report: 

Together with 39 Nobel Laureates, I met with 580 young scientists from around the world. All who I had the pleasure of encountering personally were passionate about knowledge and wanted to know more about the physical sciences as well as a career in academia. I felt like I had reached the Mount Olympus of science.

What an immense privilege it was to bathe in this environment, where every scientist had contributed in a major way to advancing society through seminal discoveries or inventions. What a pleasure to take part and observe the intense, fruitful interactions between the Nobel Laureates themselves and of course between the laureates and the future generation of scientists, who were eager to learn from the laureates and hear their advice.

You can now find the full text on our blog. Find a digital copy of our Annual Report here. 

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